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The electrication roadmap according to Beatrice Schobbens (UWE)

1. Involve the necessary people in the company

2. Agree on the goal of of installing charging stations

3. Define who will have access to your charging stations

  • Company cars
  • Private cars
  • Clients and visitors
  • Neighbouring companies
  • Public

4. Understand the needs of these users to determine the type of charging required


5. Determine the type of vehicle in your fleet that requires charging to determine the type of station needed, or vice versa

6. Define the usage rules to estimate the number of stations required

7. Determine if you can generate your own electricity or if you need to use the network

8. Contact providers to help with the business case and infrastructure questions.

9. Contact your insurer to ensure you have the right coverage

10. Contact the fire department to check the guidelines you need to follow

11. Plan for approximately 7-12 months once you have made your decision and placed your order